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Benefits of Barre

There are so many benefits to exercise. We know this. There are also a lot of benefits of barre fitness, in particular. Increased flexibility, strength, coordination, weight loss. We know those too. We wanted to know the REAL benefits, the things our Tribe were noticing happening to them! So we asked and this is what you had to say:


  • As an older client, I needed something to stay fit and healthy. Barre exceeded my expectations. I am recovering from a shoulder injury and in just a few short months I have more range of motion and strength than I ever imagined I could have again. I also feel so strong and healthy and never feel out of place or "old" when I come to BBS. Being in class with majority younger clients, I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up but barre makes me feel so confident and worthy.

  • I was able to do full squats and lunges all through my active labour and feel great!

  • It's the one workout that I actually like coming to

  • I don’t murder people (click here)


  • It's a great workout but also socially interactive

  • My barre friends have become my real life friends


  • It pushes me but I can still come every day

  • Inner strength

  • My butt looks better

  • I always feel like I'm in a better mood when I leave

  • It resets me

  • I don't have to think about what to do/don't have to plan my own workout

  • I lost a lot of weight and feel great about myself

  • I don't worry about re-injuring or injuring myself anymore when doing other activities because I feel so strong from barre!

  • Barre gets me energerized and ready for the day

What are your barre benefits? Send us a note on social media and let us know, we always love hearing from you. XO,

The BBS Team

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