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Community Love - Meet Dawn, Curated Food Co.

Dawn is the owner of Curated Food Co, a Calgary grocery delivery company that focuses on curated the best of the best local produce and products right to your doorstep.

Hey Dawn, Tell us what does a typical day running Curated Food Co looks like for you?⁠

It really depends on the day, although I always start my day with a good cup of coffee and some chocolate (my favourite combo!). Whether it’s carefully curating the bags for that week, researching local products and what’s in season or running around the city picking up the goods, everyday looks a bit different but that’s what keeps it interesting! As a busy solo-preneur and mom of two young boys, I'm constantly trying to balance the 24-7 business and homelife while still making time for some sort of activity. Whether it’s a walk with a good podcast or an at-home workout, I always feel better when I get some movement in my day so I try to make time for it, even if that means a 9 pm workout!⁠

What inspires you?⁠ ✨

My kids definitely inspire me. Seeing them grow and develop their own unique personalities is so cool and I work really hard to be the best version of myself and show up for them. I am also inspired by anyone who has faced heartbreak or hardship and still finds a way to go on and live their life with passion and purpose.⁠

What have you learned about yourself over COVID?⁠

Like most, I learned A LOT! ⁠

I learned how much I, like most, thrive on personal contact, and all the emotional support I get from simple things like playdates, coffee hangs, and workouts with friends.⁠

I learned that TEACHERS ARE AMAZING!⁠ More importantly, I learned how much I value and believe in supporting our local community and taking care of each other during tough times. I’ve always loved finding amazing local products and sharing them and decided to start my business based on that passion. The essence really was that COVID showed just how important it was to spend money in our own economy and support local, whenever possible.⁠

What do you love about being a small business owner in Calgary?⁠

I love the sense of community and how supportive people are of each other. I'm still a “New Kid on the Block”, but I’ve already met so many people over the past 10 months willing to offer advice and show their support, it's really enhanced my appreciation of our community. I also feel very lucky to live in a city with so many people who are passionate about good food and supporting local.⁠

What is one eye-opening thing you’ve learned since starting your own business?⁠

It’s a lot of work! You really do need to wear all the hats, the fun ones and the not-so-fun ones (I’m looking at you, accounting!). CEO, accountant, sales manager, marketer, purchaser...and the list goes on. Between doing all the things and realizing there’s also no playbook, you quickly learn to try your best and enjoy the process.⁠

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