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Q & A with Marlo

Hi everyone, Marlo here!

Thanks for joining me.

I have put together a bit of a Q & A that may help to answer a few of your most frequently asked questions. It's been a year of transition, to say the least, and my goal is to provide you with a little more insight into life at the Ramsay studio and what to expect for BBS On Demand in the months to come.

What will happen to BBS On Demand as restrictions ease?

BBS On Demand is here to stay. As the world begins to return to a new normal (thank-goodness for that!) you can expect to receive new weekly content and regular livestream classes. These offerings may change and the schedule may vary slightly as we ourselves navigate a new tide but we’re here for it.

Where will you film from now that the studio is closed?

By the grace of God (yes, it’s a miracle) we continue to have access to the Ramsay studio. Our landlord, Greg Houston (I feel it important to name him here as he has helped us SO much this past year - truly amazing human) has allowed us to stay in the studio space while creatively finding ways to help us pay rent in addition to CERS. As you may have noticed, we have now moved the livestream production set into Studio B in order to allow in-person fitness to happen in the larger studio space.

You mentioned in-person fitness. Does that mean BBS is re-opening the Ramsay studio?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is, yes, the studio itself is re-opening but will not be the same as before. Insert Co-Sweat. The CO-mmunity, CO-llaboration, CO-llective.

After months of discussions, we’ve decided to rent out the large Studio A space as a way to support smaller start-up fitness businesses, athletic coaches and fitness instructors looking for a home while allowing us to maintain a smaller space to film for BBS On Demand. We’re REALLY excited about this new endeavour and have partnered up with amazing businesses that we think you’ll love. In addition, I will be offering mentoring to start-ups looking for guidance navigating the fitness and wellness scene.

Creating a collaborative, everyone-is-welcome fitness studio has been my mission from Day 1. I am thrilled that we will continue to see this space put to good use by amazing people and where the magic can continue to happen. ; )

Meet the Co-Sweat Studio.

Where can I find out more information about classes happening at the Ramsay Co-Sweat studio?

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing more information on the Co-Sweat studio through social media and the Co-Sweat website. If you’re excited to jump back into group fitness classes and want to see familiar community faces then check out Moveology! We’ll have more brands to share with you soon but if you’re itching to get back in-person book a class with Moveology. Familiar faces + familiar places.

If in person fitness is where you shine - we think you’ll be excited about what is to come!

Where can I find the BBS On Demand livestream schedule and will it change?

The BBS On Demand livestream summer schedule is posted on the main page of the On Demand website and can be found HERE. I’ve also added an image of the schedule here.

From January to June 2021, BBS On Demand offered over 190 live classes. WOW!! As life opens up we will shift our schedule to 4 to 5 livestream classes per week. This will allow all of us to take a much needed break with our friends and families this summer. Come fall you’ll likely see another refresh as we make changes for the cooler months. You can expect to see many of your favourite instructors and new and unique offerings popping up.

When are livestream classes added to the BBS On Demand library?

Livestream classes are added to the BBS On Demand library on a class by class basis. We are currently adding two livestream classes to the library per week and rotating class styles and instructors. These classes will be available to view for a temporary period of time (likely 6-days after airing) before they are removed and replaced.

For the summer months, expect to find ALL livestream classes available to take. During the months of July and August, livestream classes will be available for 6-days after they air. On the 6th day that video will be removed and new content added. You’re welcome. GRIN. We know you’ve been waiting for this option. :)

I would like to request certain class styles to be added to the On Demand library. Where can I submit that request?

We LOVE hearing from you, our amazing and inspiring community, and encourage you to submit any and all requests via the Private Facebook group or via email We can’t promise that we’ll be able to answer all requests however, we do read all of your messages, share them with the team and when possible do our best to make dreams happen.

I enjoy the flexibility of BBS On Demand but I also miss the energy of in-person fitness. Will Barre Body Studio evvvvverrrr teach in person again?

Oh goodness do we ever miss all of you and the energy of in-person fitness. You can find us in-person all summer long at Barre in the Park. As temperatures dip in the fall/winter you’ll also likely see us offering the odd class or two out of the Ramsay Co-Sweat Studio and large event spaces like the Palace on International Women’s Day.

ALSO, you’ll be excited to see familiar faces teaching at the Co-Sweat studio IRL starting Saturday, June 26th. Have you checked out Moveology yet?

Will Barre Body Studio be offering any specialty programs in the coming months?

Thanks for asking! Why, yes we will! We’re in the process of creating a few registered programs (ahem, Mommy & Me) and will share more information when we’ve got everything ready to go.

I know of a fitness group/instructor looking for studio space, how do they contact the Ramsay Co-Sweat?

If you know of a fitness group, athletic coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor looking for space then send them the Co-Sweat info. We’re in the process of building a collective of badass fitness leaders. If you’re willing to vouch for them as your favourite leader, then we want to hear from them. HIGH FIVE. Share the CoSweat website.

That’s all for now. Thanks for continuing to support this little dream of mine and for riding the wave with me all these years. What a journey it has been!

As humans, I truly believe that we are here to grow, evolve and leave the world a better place. This studio and this community has welcomed me in at my best and at my worst. I’ve experienced SOOOO much growth and joy with all of you and want you to know this just an evolution of who we are because after all, staying the same would be boring.

As always, please feel welcome to send me an email at with any questions, comments or suggestions that you may have. Although I may not be able to reply to everyone, I do read your emails and am very grateful for this active community.

Until we meet again. Share the light.



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