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New Year, New....?

I’m going to go ahead and state the obvious: 2020 wreaked havoc on our entire beings, from our physical health (closure of workout studios, stress-eating, and hunching over at-home work stations), to our emotional health (isolation from physical distancing, constant fear of coronavirus, and stress over political strife), to our spiritual well-being (a year lost of goals, plans, and celebrations has left a lot of us searching for daily purpose). For those reasons and more, it seems like setting simple “get in shape!” or “start a new hobby” goals are just not going to cut it for our 2021 resolutions.

And yet, this year does feel different; there is something in the air that warrants a change in our behavior from the survival mode of 2020. Maybe it’s the hope that the vaccine brings in 2021, promises of warmer temperatures allowing for more social interaction, or the uncertainty of the last year allowing for a deeper appreciation of what really matters to us. There is the simple fact that we still have a lot of solo time to fill with widespread restrictions still in place, and, at least some days, it feels possible to move forward with soul-fulfilling activities.

With all of these thoughts in mind, here at Barre Body, we felt that the new year needed to be rung in with more than a few new barre classes launching or the usual “new year, new you!’ declarations. We really felt like we needed a full reset- body, mind, and soul, and we wanted to bring our community along with us.

Enter... our new Elevate 2021 program- an 8 week total-body health program designed to enhance and strengthen your knowledge and awareness when it comes to health and wellness, and shape your daily rituals in various areas of women’s health using fitness and nutrition as the backbone. In other words- a holistic reset. A chance to right some of the wrongs done to your body in 2020. A chance to heal some of the wounds on your soul and mind. A chance to move forward in total body health.

This is more than a workout program. We’ve carefully designed this program to challenge your fitness level, enhance your nutritional knowledge, dismantle lifelong restrictive and dysfunctional eating patterns, build self-awareness and body confidence, and bring lasting and impactful change to your life.

Each week, you will receive encouragement in physical movement with an all-access pass to our online On Demand Barre Body classes, education in intuitive nutrition through a non-diet mind-body approach to eating, and further holistic health coaching through weekly interactive discussions with industry experts on a variety of women's health topics ranging from pelvic floor and digestive gut health, to mental health and well-being therapy, and balancing your energy systems. This holistic approach to womens’ health is feeling right to us in this time of full-body healing, and we couldn’t be more excited to invite you, our community, to join us.

So if you’ve been scrolling past New Years’ resolution memes with the same level of exhaustion we have-- trust us, we get it. The “we’ve got this, 2021!” posts just aren’t doing it for us. We have a need for something deeper: community, connection, encouragement, self-care, and a little bit (or a lot!) of grace for ourselves and our bodies. We’ve still got the same amazing barre classes you’ve come to expect, but we’re going deeper in 2021, and we want you to come along with us. If you have questions, we’d love to hear from you at, or if you’ve heard all you need to hear and are ready to sign up, click here for more info.

Happy New Year! Let’s ring it in gently and together.

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