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5 Tips to Stay Motivated at Home

How to get the most out of your On Demand Subscription

We get it, working out in general can feel daunting, repetitive and let’s be honest, boring sometimes *especially* from home. It’s not easy to keep yourself motivated when there is a million other tasks (or people) to take care of and no need to hustle to find parking or be late for class. It’s also not easy to feel inspired when your workout gear feels more like everyday lounge wear since it become the norm in 2020.

If you’ve somehow managed to make it past the endless list of chores and household demands and you're still feeling motivated to flick on a workout NOW you’re faced with choosing which workout video to pick and finding the right equipment around your house. UGH! The struggle to stick with it is real which is why we’ve rounded out top 5 tips to keep you motivated and moving!

  1. Create a realistic schedule and write it down. We all know that the body thrives off of routine. Find pockets of time in your day that are ideal for working out. The most productive time of day is when you are not “needed” and less likely to be distracted. We hate to say it but this is one of the number one reasons that people start their day with a work-out vs at the end of the day.

  2. Plan ahead what type of work out you have time to complete and search for it in advance. For example, if you have more time on the weekends then plan your longer workouts on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and aim for two to three shorter (or less demanding) workouts throughout the week. Knowing that you are getting up at 5am to crush a 30min class will be less daunting than dreading a 60 minute workout while your eyes are still half shut (c’mon, we’ve all been there and it sucks).

  3. Clear your space. Find a suitable area in your home where you have enough space to move and still feel inspired. AKA lots of light, a mirror, storage for your equipment and a TV, iPad or phone to stream your workout on. There is nothing worse than kicking over a water bottle so be sure to keep that in mind. Creating your space will take some cleaning and effort on your part but it will be well worth it. Get rid of the junk in the corners, keep the area free of kid toys (and pet toys, let be honest) and be sure to tidy up after each class. You wouldn’t leave your equipment out at the gym so don’t do it at home. Trust us, a clean, clear space makes your commitment to movement more fun.

  4. Set up your device(s) so that you are able to quickly access your workout without too much fuss. Download the BBS App to your iPhone or ipad or Android device, save the website on your laptop, bookmark your favourite classes and charge your AirPods if you’re using them to limit noise in the house. Trouble shooting any streaming issues with these tips. Our #1 tip is to schedule your workouts ahead of time. Know which types of workouts best suit each day of the week and stick to it! Consistency gets results over time. (P.s. We're in the process of developing additional apps for Roku and Amazon (Firefox) TV to make you're viewing even more accessible).

  5. Set goals, write them down and tell other people about them. Research shows that we are much more likely to follow through with our plans when we do those three things. Decide what it is that you are interested in working towards: building strength, muscle tone, improved balance, increased stamina, weight loss. Now write down a desired date in mind to achieve your goal. i.e.: I can do 2 push ups today and want to be able to 20 push ups in 8 weeks. Make sure it is measurable. Lastly, telling your partner, a friend, someone higher-up about your goals keeps you motivated and accountable.

Now, step away from the computer and MAKE IT HAPPEN! You've got this!

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Kevin Hofmann
Kevin Hofmann
7 days ago

I do this every morning straight after getting up. Then I always enjoy a Snus.

Gefällt mir


Gefällt mir

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