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au+c "gold and diamond" in simple chemistry.

Canadian designed fine jewelry that is handcrafted with 18k gold and brilliant cut diamonds or precious gemstones. 

Born in Beijing, China, raised in the UK and Canada, Savannah graduated with a Master degree in e-Business along with a Bachelor in Fashion design. She has always been passionate with many kinds of jewelry design and wanting to create something she can call her own.

Savannah has been a member of the Barre Body Studio from the beginning and we are obsessed with her newest creation, au+c fine jewelry.

au+c fine jewelry is her way of expressing her creative mind and designing jewelry that could be worn in many ways and any occasion.Savannah donated three beautiful pieces to the Live Well Challenge giveaway. Ekk!

Check out her work here and follow her on instagram here.

We caught up with Savannah to learn more about au+c and her favourite or should we say, least favourite barre pose. 

You are a mother, a designer and an avid barre babe, what is one thing that you love most about Barre Body Studio?

       The one thing that I love the most about Barre Body Studio is the people there! When I started going to BBS about 5 years ago I didn't know anyone in the city since I just moved from Beijing to Calgary. After years of going there, I have made so many friends, and each of them has inspired me in so many ways, both mentally and physically. Barre Body Studio has been this place that everyone is willing to help each other and grow together as a whole community. 

Where do you find your inspiration to create jewelry?

      The beauty of simplicity has always been my inspiration. I love how fine lines and simple shapes can make a huge impact when they are created with materials like gold and diamonds. I also believe that fine jewelry should be worn in many ways and be able to pair with different style of outfits. Pairing diamonds with boyfriend jeans is way more interesting and unexpected. 

We cannot get enough of your amazing style. You always look fantastic! Tell us what you love about fashion and your previous career?

       Before I moved to Calgary I was working as a fashion editor in a fashion magazine in Beijing, China. Working in the fashion industry in Beijing was incredibly challenging but I was lucky enough to have opportunities to interview some of the CEOs and Creative Directors of brands like BVLGARI, Salvatore Ferregamo, Gucci and Pomellato. After I moved to Calgary I worked as a Creative Director for some fashion shoots for the local magazine. Just like creating jewelry, I love pairing unexpected pieces together when it comes to my personal style, a pop of colour also is my way to stand out of the crowd.  

If you had to choose, would you prefer plank pose or chair pose?

       Plank over chair pose! For sure!

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