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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Katherine & Keyla

Meet Katherine and Keyla!

These two, quiet yet mighty, sisters have been members of the BBS community for 3+ years and always light up the studio with their positive energy and warm personalities. Katherine and Keyla continually contribute to the BBS culture by welcoming new members to the space, assisting instructors with class set-up and pushing themselves to new limits each and every class.

We asked them to share a little about themselves and their experience at BBS and here’s what they had to say: How long have you been a member at Barre Body Studio? We came for a drop-in class in the Spring of 2016 and became instantly hooked. Three years later, and we’re still here. :) it’s probably the only physical activity/fitness routine that we’ve managed to stick with.  What is a typical day like for you? Katherine: For a graphic designer, I am an early bird. (At least I hear that often). I get up at around 5, I try to do a daily morning meditation, and then get to work for 7. My job is fairly creative so no two days are necessarily the same, and sometimes my brain gets quite the workout - so making it a commitment/habit to go to barre as often as I can, is not only a break physically, but mentally as well. Keyla: If I am not working, I like to sit back with a good book or if weather permits take my puppy out for a walk around the neighbourhood. During the evening I’ll most likely hit up a barre class with my sister. What is one thing that you cannot live without? Katherine: Music! Life without music is life without colour – and that’s pretty grey. Haha! ...Oh, and our puppy :)  Keyla: My iPad with all my books haha What do you enjoy most about Barre Body Studio? Katherine: The people - instructors and attendees. It’s such a positive and supportive environment. I love the environment because it is, free from judgement, and really empowering. 

Keyla: I love the energy and all the friendly instructors and employees. Everyone is always so happy, which always puts me in a good mood, even if I’m not having the best of days. I also enjoy how each class is always different, and you always get a full body workout in.  What’s your favourite tip for someone new or looking to join Barre Body Studio?

Katherine: Challenge yourself. Push yourself. You’re probably stronger and more capable than you think. You’ll find it hard in the beginning, but nothing rewarding is ever easy.  I also found that the results are more than just physical. You can come in expecting to sweat, but you leave with more than that. It’s empowering  - mentally and spiritually as well.  Keyla: Never underestimate the class, you will definitely have a good sweat, but it’ll be worth it in the end! 

Mad love for these two ladies! Say ‘hi’ next time you see them in and around the studio!!

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