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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Happy July BBS Fam!! We're back in the studio and back into the swing of celebrating and recognizing the wonderful people who make BBS what it is from the inside out! This month we're excited to introduce you to Jenn as our BBS Member Spotlight. Many of you may recognize Jenn's vibrant smile and energetic personality from the classes that she attends at BBS -  what you may not know is the incredible work that she is doing in the community beyond the studio walls. Read on to learn more about Jenn, Tapping (what's tapping you say?!), and how she helps high achieving women achieve emotional freedom.  

What does it mean to be in alignment with your authentic self?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for most of my life, and is a journey I will always be on. 

To me, true alignment is when you feel completely in flow with life. You feel energized, empowered, grounded and present. In this state of alignment, you become an energetic match for all of your dreams and desires, and naturally co-create a life that you love. 

But, something I’ve learned is that it’s not realistic to be in complete alignment at all times, and that’s not the goal (for any other high-achievers or perfectionists like me - really let that sink aren’t meant to feel in flow 24-7, and you’re not failing if you aren’t)! The magic that happens is when you can recognize what it feels like to be out of alignment, and you have the tools to shift back. It’s a natural ebb and flow. 

Shifting back into alignment requires the courage and vulnerability to acknowledge our uncomfortable emotions to be able to move through them. Emotions are energy in motion, and they often get stuck in the body. In order to complete the emotional cycle and not get stuck, we must move that energy. 

Coming to BBS (specifically, Marlo’s Rise Up class!) has allowed me to move, shift and transform my energy, and free my stuck emotions. When we move the body and surrender to what comes up, the emotional release is profound.

Another tool I love for processing emotions is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or “tapping”. EFT helps to repattern the habits of our mind and nervous system, and it helps to acknowledge and free stuck or stagnant emotions. It clears energy that isn’t ours or isn’t serving us anymore. When we calm the nervous system with EFT, we can be more present and in flow with life, and approach any situation from a grounded and empowered place.

If you’re curious to check it out, I’ve created a free guided EFT meditation that I’m so excited to share with the BBS community! In this EFT session, we will focus on clearing stress, anxiety and worry. Click here to tap with me now!


Jen is a Coach who specializes in helping sensitive, high achieving women build their emotional resilience - allowing them to ride life's ebbs and flows with more ease and grace, and allowing them to feel in more consistent alignment with their authentic selves. 

Her style of coaching is holistic and touches on areas such as mindfulness, mindset, energy work, manifestation and holistic nutrition. 

You can connect with her on Instagram @glowingmindswellness and to see how you can work together, check out her website here

You can also work through a Tapping exercise with Jenn via an exclusive video created for BBS. Click here to watch or save for a later time. 

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