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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Carmelina Baccari


You'll probably recognize this beauty from around the studio. Carmelina Baccari has been a fiercely dedicated member of the BBS Tribe since 2013. She brightens our space by sharing her brilliant light and infectious energy, always cheering everybody on and being ready to pass on her vibrancy with a hug and an incredible smile on her face. Carmelina is a kind and beautiful soul, but she is also a warrior. Carmelina is a breast cancer survivor. Carmelina has had many journeys in her life (just check out her insta account!), but her journey navigating through her cancer diagnosis and treatment is one to be shared, supported and inspired by.

Read about Carmelina's brave journey, in her words, below: There are many decisions you have to make when you hear the words YOU HAVE CANCER. There is hardly any time to even process the life changing news. There are a variety of treatment plans and one includes the choice of removing your breasts. Masectomy is what the doctors call it. It is scary. There is no other way to put it. I do understand this. As a woman- breasts are a part of our body, they nourish children, they are a symbol of sexuality. Breasts cause emotional responses for both men and women. Breast symbolize love, compassion and wisdom. I believe that these are also the key ingredients through transition as our bodies change through illness.

The decision to have to remove any part of you is difficult and I feel like I am here today to help people through that transition. I was a make up artist for years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer and even months before my diagnoses I felt a strong urge to start doing areola tattoo work. This was put on hold while I was going through chemotherapy and once I had regained my strength that urge became a calling. Both of my worlds have come together through this work and it is my soul work I guess you could say. I want to help women regain their confidence after breast removal due to cancer. You are a work of art and I want to remind you of that. My business partner and soul sister Kacie Rainey and I are offering free consultations. 

Kacie Rainey and I are both huge cancer awareness activists as well as breast cancer survivors! 

Call us and tell us your story. We can get through this together. Instagram accounts: @karmalinabaccari @Kacierainy Email:

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