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Your hard work at the barre is a great step forward in your journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle. But on this pursuit, it is equally important to nourish that ‘barre body’ with the proper nutrients that it needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle, this includes throwing clean eating into the mix. When fitness and a healthy diet are paired up, you truly are unstoppable! This is our philosophy behind our new food segment on the blog, we want to enable our barre stars with healthy options to fuel their barre practice!

Here is a DIY smoothie menu to kick-start your morning or fuel you at any part of the day. Check it out!  

Step 1: Choose ½ – 1 cup unsweetened liquid

•    Coconut water

•    Almond milk

•    Water

•    Coconut milk

•    Hemp milk

•    Chilled green tea

Step 2: Choose 1 BIG handful of a leafy green

•    Spinach

•    Kale

•    Beet greens

•    Swiss chard

•    Romaine lettuce

•    Parsley

Step 3: Choose 1-3 fresh or frozen fruits

•    Berries

•    Banana

•    Melons

•    Oranges

•    Mango

•    Pineapple

•    Apples

•    Peaches

Step 4: Add some protein

•    Hemp seeds

•    Chia seeds

•    Plant based protein powder

•    Nut butters

•    Soaked nuts

Step 5: Add something extra (optional)

•    Avocado

•    Flaxseeds

•    Spirulina

•    Cinnamon

•    Ginger

•    Lemon juice

•    Maca powder

The options are endless and we can't wait to try a few different smoothies after hitting the barre! What is your favourite smoothie combo?


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