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Elevate: Fitness + Nutrition Challenge

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

ELEVATE is a comprehensive wellness program developed by Barre Body Studio in partnership with Sarah Remmer R.D (Registered Dietitian). This is an 8-week fitness and nutritional program designed to challenge your fitness level, enhance your nutritional knowledge, build connection and create lasting results.

Read on for all the details on what to expect, commitment and how to register! Spots limited.


The more you move, the more you improve. 

Research suggests that moving your body 4-6 times per week creates optimal fitness benefits. The fitness component of the program is to complete several workouts per week. You set your fitness goals. We’ll motivate you to make it happen.

Participants may use monthly memberships, class cards, digital memberships or OnDemand videos to complete the workouts each week. Many of you may also choose to add in walking, running, biking or any other form of movement towards your goals. It all counts. 

As a participant of the program you will receive a set of calendars to help track your workouts. If/when you can’t get to the studio—and for those only joining from @ home—you can follow along with a dedicated library of OnDemand classes that can be done from anywhere, at anytime. We want this to be super simply, easy to follow and effective. Whether in-studio, livestream or OnDemand we’ve got you covered. No excuses.

Master Classes taught by senior instructors will be offered 4x throughout the challenge. ELEVATE participants may attend these classes in-studio or via livestream at no additional cost. For those participating via the OnDemand library, Master Classes will be added to the library throughout the challenge.


Understanding what you put into your body every day is critical for optimal functioning, mental health, prevention of chronic disease, and feeling your best. Most of us have frustrating old habits or even disordered eating patterns that hold us back from achieving our goals and feeling our best. We also all have the desire to feel better, and eat with confidence and without guilt. 

We’ve partnered with Registered Dietitian Sarah Remmer to bring you the best of the best nutrition guidance throughout the ELEVATE program. Sarah is widely known as Canada’s child and family nutrition expert, but is also an author, mom of 3, blogger and founder of the Centre for Family Nutrition here in Calgary.

As part of the 8-week ELEVATE program Sarah will provide you with a nutritional handbook which covers topics such as: 

  • What and when to eat (meals and snacks)

  • Meal timing (and why this matters)

  • Eating for movement and performance

  • Plant-based eating

  • Organic vs. non-organic eating

  • Intuitive and mindful eating practices and why they’re so important

  • Key nutrients that you need to focus on

  • Sweets/treats/sugar/artificial sweeteners

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Eating nutritiously on a budget 

  • And more… 

And will also provide things like: 

  • Sample menu plans and grocery shopping tips

  • Easy, nutritious, family-friendly recipes

  • And more… 

Sarah will assist the group with the program kick-off nutritional workshop. During this in-person/livestreamed event Sarah will review the handbook and answer any nutrition and meal planning questions that you may have. In addition, Sarah will provide three additional opportunities to send in questions and have them answered via livestream events throughout the program. These check-in points will be recorded so that all participants can engage with the information. Lastly, Sarah will also assist the group by answering questions that may be posted in the closed Facebook group throughout the 8-week program.

Trust us. You’re in good hands. 

Commitment ELEVATE will kick off with the nutritional workshop on Tues, September 29th at 7pm. This event will be hosted by Marlo Brausse and Sarah Remmer R.D at Barre Body Studio, Ramsay. You may attend in person (spots limited due to guidelines) or jump on the livestream from home. During this workshop Sarah will walk you through the nutritional handbook, share her tips and tricks for success and answer any questions that you may have. This workshop is designed to set you up for success and give you a few days to prepare your calendar and your pantry. The official program will commence on October 1, 2020 and will wrap-up on November 25th, 2020. Our goal is for you to finish 2020 ELEVATED and feeling your best self!

Register today!

Cost: $295 (take $50 off until September 15th)


  • Elevate Nutritional Handbook

  • Nutritional workshop (September 29th at 7pm)

  • 3x virtual Nutritional and Fitness checkins (week 2, week 4, week 6)

  • Access to the closed ELEVATE FaceBook group

  • Guidance and support throughout the 8-week program

  • 4x Master Classes offered in-studio or livestream

  • Goal setting, meal planning & workout calendars

Additional add on:

  • 8-week BBS pass for non-members - $299

  • 30 min nutritional consultation via Zoom with Sarah, Remmer, RD - $85 (official receipt provide for those claiming via health benefits) to book email

Spots are limited in-studio! As you know, due to Government guidelines, we are limited in capacity for studio signups and will only take a select group of participants for in-studio programming. We have more capacity for those who are wanting to take the program via livestream and/or OnDemand however, spots will also be limited online to ensure that we have the ability to effective manage and assist the group.

In-Studio Registration

Choosing to register for ELEVATE In-Studio means that you intend to take the majority of your classes in person at the studio and may occasionally attend via livestream or OnDemand content. This will help us to monitor signups to ensure we are providing the best possible experience no matter which option you choose.

Online Registration

Choosing to register for ELEVATE Online means that you intend to take the majority of your fitness classes online via livestream or OnDemand content. This will help us to monitor signups to ensure we are providing the best possible experience no matter which option you choose.

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