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ELEVATE 2021 Program Overview


ELEVATE is a comprehensive wellness program developed by Barre Body Studio in partnership with Sarah Remmer, Registered Dietitian.

This 8-week program (January 26th to March 22nd) is designed to enhance and strengthen your knowledge and awareness when it comes to health and wellness, and shape your daily rituals in various areas of women's health, using fitness and nutrition as the backbone.

We've carefully designed this program to challenge your fitness level, enhance your nutritional knowledge, dismantle lifelong restrictive and dysfunctional eating patterns, build self-awareness and body confidence, and bring lasting and impactful change to your life.

Trust Us. You're In Good Hands.


Each week participants will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts on a variety of women's health topics. These interactive discussions will be held online every Tuesday at 7pm starting with the Nutritional Workshop led by Sarah Remmer, RD and hosted by Marlo Brausse on January 26th, 2021.

Marlo Brausse, CEO, Fitness Instructor and Master Trainer at Barre Body Studio

Passionate about coaching others to reach their full potential.



Join Marlo on Tues, Feb 23rd at 7 pm as she talks about the importance of strengthening a healthy mindset and how to set, track and pursue growth in all aspects of our lives.

Sara Villamil, Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer: Prenatal, Postnatal & Flow-based Yoga

Empowering others to understand and improve their pelvic floor health through movement, awareness & breathing.



Join Sara Tues. Feb. 2nd at 7pm.
Sara will share her knowledge on pelvic floor health and its importance in our everyday life.

Amber Brodziak MSW, RSW. Owner and Therapist of Calgary Therapy Services Inc.

Determined to help people live their best life, and changing the way therapy and mental health is approached.



Join Amber Tues. Mar 2nd at 7pm who will lead us on how to overcome barriers to transformation and change when it comes to our mental health and wellbeing.

Sarah Remmer, Registered Dietitian, Author, and Founder of The Centre for Family Nutrition

Passionate about helping people eat intuitively and create a positive relationship with food for life. 



On Tues. Jan 26th, Feb 9th and Mar 16th at 7pm Sarah will be sharing her nutritional knowledge on topics such as intuitive eating, the hunger scale, fuelling for pre and post workouts, eating according to your circadian rhythm and what this means, snacking, as well as run through some important foods and nutrients for mental health. 

Andrea Hardy is a registered dietitian from Calgary, Canada

She specializes in gut health & gastrointestinal diseases, and is recognized in the media as 'Canada’s Gut Health Expert’. Using her skills in evidence-based knowledge translation, she empowers Canadians to make lifestyle changes to support a healthy gut. 



On Tues. Feb. 16th at 7pm Andrea will be offering her wisdom when it comes to women's digestive gut health.

Kimberley Conard, Natural Healing Arts Practitioner, Owner of Essential Balance Healing

Inspired by restoring harmony to the mind, body, spirit, unlocking our true nature from within and offering it to the world.

On Tues. Mar 9th at 7pm Kimberley will be talking to us about balancing our meridians and our energy systems, what this means, and how it impacts our overall health.

Fitness and Movement


The movement component of the ELEVATE program encourages a regular fitness regime.


The more you move, the more you improve.


Research suggests that moving your body 4-6 times per week creates optimal fitness benefits. The fitness component of the program is to complete several workouts per week. That being said, we encourage each and every participant to set your own fitness goals. We’ll motivate you to make it happen.

As a participant of the ELEVATE program you will receive access to a dedicated library of BBS On Demand workouts that can be done from anywhere, at anytime via the BBS On Demand fitness App. In addition, those with a BBS On Demand subscription can also take livestream classes to add to their routine. With BBS On Demand we’ve got you covered with fitness classes, workout calendars and non-stop motivation. No excuses. We want this to be super simple, easy to follow and effective.

Nutrition and Eating


The nutrition portion of the ELEVATE program encourages you to listen your body and tune into your personal hunger cues, while focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods. Sarah will walk you through, step-by-step, how to do this and why a non-diet, mind-body approach to eating is so powerful.


In addition to Sarah’s booklet, her three nutrition check-ins, and the private Facebook page where she will answer your nutrition and eating questions throughout the 8 weeks.


Understanding what you put into your body every day is critical for optimal functioning, mental health, prevention of chronic disease, and feeling your best. Most of us have frustrating old habits or even disordered eating patterns that hold us back from achieving our goals and feeling our best. We also all have the desire to feel better, and eat with confidence and without guilt.


We’ve partnered with Registered Dietitian Sarah Remmer to bring you the best of the best nutrition guidance throughout the ELEVATE program. Sarah is widely known as Canada’s child and family nutrition expert, but is also an author, mom of 3, blogger and founder of The Centre for Family Nutrition here in Calgary.

Glowing Reviews


"I can’t believe how fast the 8 weeks went, holy moly! Wins for me: committing to daily barre (“regular” classes 6x/week and 1 stretch video or BCS/week) and noticing improvements in my strength. I also lost more weight than I expected to by tuning into the nutrition & doing a sober October which was an added bonus"   - Vanessa

"Thinking about intuitive eating has been a game changer for me! I'm 9 months postpartum and easily had weight to lose, but I've lost about 13 lbs since this program started, mostly just from changing my eating habits. With the little one I wasn't able to do many workouts, but the eating along is a change I think I can easily continue well into the future. I really enjoyed it!"   - Lisa

"I learned so much about intuitive eating, reading labels and just being aware of what I am putting on my plate. I only had to make a few changes to my eating habits and couldn’t believe the changes I saw. I’m still working on the sweet tooth thing, but taking it day by day" - Jennifer

"Thank you for putting together an amazing program!!! I began this challenge 8 weeks postpartum in an attempt to get back to good habits and hopefully avoid or minimize the postpartum depression & anxiety that I had with my first. Today I feel happier, healthier, stronger & more In control than I have in along time, and a lot of that I credit to the program which helped me remember to prioritize myself. "   - Belinda

"Having the physical challenge has helped me do well mentally despite all the stress around us (being parents, work, COVID, you name it!). I loved ending with my favourite Barre So Hard by Amber - I definitely noticed how much stronger I was and that I had more endurance (though the mountain climbers killed me at the end).
Nutrition wise I wasn't sure if I would get much out of it. I was blown away by the Intuitive Eating concept (which I'd never heard of) and loved it (and the plate strategy). I was in a habit of eating my main meals with 2 snacks in between and now each day is a bit different. I'll admit though - I'm an emotional eater and have definitely binged the last few days! But I no longer beat myself up about it and get back on track the following day. It's freeing not to count calories or weigh myself regularly andI think helps keep me on track better." - Kristin

Have questions? Please visit our FAQ section 


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