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ELEVATE 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be expected to participate in each group discussion? I want to listen but I don't want to be on camera or ask questions?

During the 8 week program the team of Elevate experts will host live discussions on various topics. These weekly discussions are offered as a way to join as a group, connect and learn together. You are invited to participate as much or as little as you would like. Each session will be recorded and loaded to the Elevate private library for those who would like to listen to the discussion at a later date. You can also turn off your camera and audio if you'd rather not be shown on camera. 

Some of the topics covered in the Elevate program such as pelvic floor, gut health, my eating patterns and mental health are personal and I don't want to share them with others. How much am I required to participate?

Each participant is encouraged to share as little or as much as they would like during our 8 weeks together. The weekly discussions are education based with time left at the end of the talk for questions if you choose. We want you to get the most out of this program and the weekly sessions. How you choose to integrate is completely up to you. You will have the ability to touch base, privately with any of the speakers if you wish to take the discussion deeper.

I am worried about the fitness component of the program? Am I expected to workout for 60 days straight?

Not at all. We want this to be realistic and inspiring for YOU. Our goal is to set you up for success, regardless of the frequency and intensity that you choose with the fitness portion.  As part of the 8-week program, Elevate participants will receive access to a library of workout videos and an 8 week calendar. Each participant is encouraged to set their own movement goals. Move as little or as much as you would like to move. We also encourage you to get outdoors and choose activities outside of the workout calendars that work for your lifestyle. You may choose to workout two times per week and other participants may choose to work out 5 or 6x per week. This program is about setting goals (and boundaries) for yourself.

I have injuries and am worried about over doing the fitness "challenge". How are the workouts scheduled and do I need equipment and will I be able to participate?

The fitness component of the program is designed to gradually increase in intensity. Each week you will be provided with a series of workout videos that range in class length, class style and intensity. If you choose to do only the low-impact and shorter classes, that's perfect. If you're advanced and would like longer more challenging classes, we'll offer that too. The fitness component is not prescribed. We strongly encourage you to set your own goals and move your body how and when it feels best.

I have questions about the meal plan, intuitive eating and what changes I am going to need to make. Will I need to go out and buy a bunch of new products to cook/bake with?

This program is designed to meet you where you are. We will be offering lots of advice, strategies, tips and practices for improving nutrition and eating habits, but we want you to experience success, which means that you can take whichever nuggets of knowledge that resonate with you and apply them to your life. You won't be expected to purchase any special foods or products at all, although Sarah (and Andrea) may suggest certain foods, products or tools that you may want to try out (but this is not expected). Again, we want you to get what you would like out of the program, and it's not a one-size fits all. 

I have a family and don't want to cook two meals several times a day. Will the eating plan fit with my family and my goals?

Absolutely. Sarah is a family dietitian and has three kids of her own, so she can relate! All advice will be family-friendly and designed to make your life easier and better when it comes to nutrition and eating! 

I was really excited about the swag box and one-on-one session with Sarah (the dietitian). Is this still an optional add-on? 

Yes absolutely. In order to offer the course at the discounted rate of $199 something had to give, and those things were the swag box, the printed version of the pdf document and the one-on-one session with Sarah. If you're still interested in doing the full-meal-deal at the original price of $350, that is still an option. Interested in the upgraded Elevate program package? Email us here.

In terms of the fitness portion, is it just barre workouts that are offered? 

Not at all! The on-demand library is full of a wide assortment of classes ranging from Barre, to HIIT, to yoga to strength-focused and cardio-focused workouts. Each class offers levels of intensity for those who prefer low impact or more challenging high impact. There's really something or everyone, and you can choose the workouts that feel best for you and your body, and what you're in the mood for! 

Still have questions? Please email us at

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